Questions Connected to Your Next Visit?

We have Answers to Your Most Common Questions.

Current Policies

Questions Connected to Your Next Visit?

We have Answers to Your Most Common Questions.

Covid Policies

Updated Policies and Procedures During the Current Health Pandemic (COVID 19)

Client Procedures
We ask that follow these procedures as to keep our space clean and safe:

  1. 1. Please keep provided mask on the whole time you are in the building
    Note: Even with recent government mandates regarding Wearing Masks being lifted we are a heath care facility and as such we follow the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers and employees and we are maintaining our current policies requiring masks be worn by all (regardless of vaccination status).

  2. 2. Please bring a blanket if you would like to use one while you are in session.
  3. 3. Bring your own water for after you leave the building
  4. 4. Try and use the restroom before arriving


Appointments will be staggered to limit interaction between clients, to keep the lobby as clear as possible and to allow for proper sanitation time for each room.

Appointments are still to be made by going online or calling the front desk anytime between 10am – 7pm.

Some of our therapists are offering couples massage and some are not. Please make sure to specify your preferences when booking.

Available Providers and Restrictions

We will continue to evaluate and update you on future adjustments and are following all CDC and industry guidelines to keep both our patrons and providers safe.

Therapists will be wearing protective gear that may include gloves, masks and protective eyewear. Each room will be sanitized between appointments and we have proper airflow and air purifiers.


Weekend and evening sessions go first so plan your appointments accordingly. Our sessions are by appointment - please keep in mind that our therapists do not keep regularly scheduled office hours, they come in as they are scheduled.

Please call 703 .548 .0310 or use our online Schedule Tool to book your appointment.

We ask that you please arrive at least five minutes early. We understand there may be a situation out of your control that causes you to be late for your appointment. In such a case, our policy is as follows: If the schedule permits us to provide you with the full session length, we will be happy to do so. However, if it does not, you will be expected to pay for the time originally reserved.

Accepted Credit Cards

  • Logo Amex
  • Logo Discover
  • Logo Mastercard
  • Logo Visa


When you call to schedule your appointment, a credit card number will be required to confirm your appointment. Your credit card will not be charged unless you violate our cancellation policy. When you come in for your appointment, you can pay by credit card, check or cash.

Refund Policy

We are unable to offer refunds, we appreciate your understanding.


We require a 24 hour notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment. If we do not receive a 24 hour notice, you will be expected to pay for the full session. By confirming with a credit card, you give us permission to charge your credit card if you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment or cancel or reschedule within the allotted time. If you have a gift certificate you will forfeit that gift certificate or if you have a package, you will forfeit one of your sessions.

If you are late, your appointment will end as originally scheduled, so as not to penalize the person scheduled after you, and you will be charged for the full time reserved. If you have been exposed to or are feeling symptoms of Covid-19, please let us know immediately. We are committed to stopping the spread of this illness and will reschedule your appointment for 21 days out, with no fee.

Inclement Weather

During the winter months, if the road conditions are such that you are unable to make it to your appointment, please give your therapist as much notice as possible by calling 703 .548 .0310. If the therapist is unable to make the appointment, we will contact you as early as possible.

If the government closes, we will make an assessment of the conditions and close if we feel it is necessary. Your life is of value to us and we do not want you to risk it for your appointment. Please remember to call as early as possible and be safe out there. Thank you.