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Type of Service Single Session
Back Wax $60
Bikini Wax $60
Brazilian Wax $80
Chin Wax $12
Eyebrow Wax $22
Face Wax (Lip, Chin, and Eyebrow) $40
Lip Wax $19
Lip and Chin $22

Safety Protocols

All waxing services including facial waxing require that you wear a mask.

All brushes, spatulas, predispensed products etc. are 100% disposal! All hard surfaces are cleaned with medical grade citrus 2 concentrate or cavacide Naomi is 100% gloved and masked open windows in every treatment room, and rooms are disinfected with alcohol between appointments.

* All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are per person and any combined service(s) will have additional charges.
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Reflexology is for the feet or hands. It is a treatment based on the connection of the internal body which corresponds to the flexor points on the feet or hands.

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Some benefits may include pain management, increased circulation, reduction of stress, diabetes, cancer patients, arthritis, and anxiety and depression. Hand reflexology is especially helpful to manage problems associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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